What exactly does it mean to order a Custom item?

Hello Friends!!  Happy New Year!

I wanted to come on here and talk, or explain a little bit, about what exactly is a Custom, and why would you want to order one.  Throughout 2018, I attended several local, in person, events and markets.  And talked to many people about customs.... and I got many confused looks.  I have been making custom Papooses and Doll Carriers since 2011, and have created well over 100... probably closer to 200, but I stopped counting LOL (see most of them here: Flickr) so I was naturally confused myself since so many of my online customers from the handmade doll community are quite versed in this concept of a custom order.

So what does Webster's Dictionary say....


cus·​tom-made | \ˈkə-stə(m)-ˈmād  \

Definition of custom-made 

: made to individual specifications


And that is pretty much what it means when you order a Custom Doll Carrier. 

YOU get to choose. 

Now, this in itself, can be a bit overwhelming because fabric choice is pretty much endless. 

And this is where I come in :D 

Customs are my absolute FAVOURITE to create.  I would much rather create something YOU and YOUR child will love, rather than me choosing FOR you.  Sometimes, having full creative freedom is nice, I do like a little guidance and direction though too.

Now, not everything is custom.  I use 3 different patterns - The Papoose (fig & me), The Bassinet (MADE) and The Moses Basket (Faraway Road). You start with choosing what TYPE of carrier you would like, then the size (this is based on what size your doll or toy is that will be carried).  Each pattern comes in 2 - 3 sizes.  The small Papoose size is a custom scaled size, created and exclusive to From the Pear Tree.

Once we get those logistics out of the way, then it is a matter of choosing the main colour of your carrier.  I use 21 Wale Corduroy made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics for the main body of every carrier, which comes in a large variety of colours.  You are sure to find your favourite colour from the collection.  Sometimes I find some super cute printed corduroys as well, those will vary as to what is available at the time.

The next step in the process is choosing the coordinated prints for the remainder of the carrier.  I will ask a few questions to get some ideas from you about what theme you want... floral, retro, plaid, whimsical, playful, dots, solids, sports or games, woodland, western etc etc.  See what I mean about endless.... but as I start to understand YOUR vision, I can start pulling fabrics from my stash or images from online sources, and you will start to be able to visualize your likes and dislikes and choose something that appeals to YOU!  Just don't ask to see what I have available... because well.... that most certainly will be overwhelming....for both of us ;)


Like I said above, I have been creating customs for 8 years, so I have narrowed down the best and easiest way to help you through this process.  So it is not as complicated as it may seem.  Usually in just a few communications back and forth, we have everything picked out and then you just let me do my MAGIC and in a few weeks you will have a perfectly custom-made item, made to your specifications, on its way to you!

So what are YOU dreaming of designing??? Customs are NOW OPEN, spaces are limited.  And remember, handmade takes time, so please plan ahead for your special item.

Got more questions?  Feel free to send me a message or leave a comment on the blog and I will be more than happy to answer.

Thanks for reading,


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