Is it livable? I said no.

We had a Ped appt about a month ago... topic... sleeping or lack there of. We went through everything I have tried in the last 6 months since we stopped Clonidine (only because it and Intuniv are similar). My son would easily be up to 11pm-midnight-1am-2am ... or later, causing him to be tired the next day resulting in behaviours. Not a fun place to be... for either of us.


The Doc asked: Is it livable? I said no. I did think twice before answering though.  But something told me, be honest.  You won't get help if you don't give up the real honest raw truth.  No, it's not livable. Not for me, not for my son. 


He said to me you have tried all my tricks. Nothing left to do but go back to Clonidine. He also recommended upping his Melatonin to 9-10mg. We were at 6mg 3mg regular, 3 mg time release).

Then he said to me, Moms like you are used to dealing with a lot. you can handle a lot. You take a lot. It’s ok to not be Super Mom all the time.

Then he said "Let’s make this easier for you."

And the feeling of relief, the stress, the weight lifted.  I consciously felt my shoulders relax and the tension dissipate.  In that moment, I realized... He gets it.

Prescriptions written. Prescriptions filled. And ever since, by 9:00pm, it’s quiet.


Autism Moms.... Parents... don't just live with it because its your normal.  There is hope.  There is help.  Reach out and continue to reach out until you find the ones who "get it". 


Much Love, 

Katherine xo

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